VS – 815

VS-815 is professional set of speakers systems with total Power of 7200 watts At a maximum pressure of 135 dB., is ideal for all types of installations, and concerts of music bands of live performance. Amazing power, in a compact kit design, allows you quickly and easily to install it virtually anywhere, with the ability of sound reproduction up to 500 people.reproduction up to 500 people.


Note, that this is an active system with integrated three-channel power module which situated on the rear wall of the subwoofer, and provides signal amplification for the entire system. The module is equipped with DSP-processor with selectable settings that enable the optimal use of set in different musical directions. Also on the panel of module is present  controller of input level from – ∞ to 0 dB. To connect the linear signal, used one XLR input on each side. The satellites are connected to the power module using the connectors Speakon.



  Active subwoofer S15-P600         2 pcs.
  Vertical Array VA-8         2 pcs.
  Speaker bag SB-1         4 pcs.
  Unifying system tube         2 pcs.
  Cable Speakon-Speakon         2 pcs.