Line Array Complete Set, was designed in a special way to get a quality of formed sound in a variety of acoustic conditions, as indoors and open areas. The total capacity of the kit is 22.4 kW. at a maximum pressure of 138 dB., that has strict directivity of the sound waves in the vertical plane. Because of such conditions, the direction of the sound energy allows precise control and focus it in position with the maximum efficiency.


This set includes eight Line Array systems H-2 with Horizontal Coverage Angle 100 °, and 15 ° vertically, and include four horn Subwoofers HS-15, which provide an incredibly powerful – deep bass and uniform pressure over the entire area. High-quality reproduction of High and Low frequencies at high power of sound, gives you the ability to use the Set universally on all types of large events. For more comfortable transportation and easy storage of Alex-Audio speaker systems, the kit also includes the rack cases LAR-2 and speaker bags SB-1.

 All the elements of the set are active with built-in power module on the rear wall of each speaker system. The module is equipped with DSP-processor with preset factory settings, which guarantee the use of the speaker systems in perfect sound and overload protection. On the panel of module is present  controller of input level from – ∞ to 0 dB. To connect of linear signal, use input / output XLR. Power supply of module is provided, with connector PowerCON, and also there is the possibility of parallel connection of the supply of subsequent module.

On the basis of production Alex-Audio over the years and big experience in installations, has been specifically developed a unique hardware system PLA-4, for quick installations in untrained locations. Installation height is 4.5 m and includes    suspension frame FH-10, which is designed for mounting of Line Array H-2, with the possibility of correction of angle direction. For lifting of Line Array system, used manual winch, with maximum load of 500 kg. With a minimum volume and weight of the hardware system, for its installation you will need no more than one hour.



  Active Line Array H-2         8 pcs.
  Active subwoofer HS-15         4 pcs.
  Hardware system PLA-4         2 pcs.
  Rack case LAR-2         4 pcs.
  Speaker Bag SB-1         4 pcs.
 Power cable 1,8 m. with PowerCon        12 pcs.